Kaliningrad Region Banks

This list is not trying to be full/ So if there will be any comments, reguests and remarks or additional information then send it to me. Telephone numbers presented in the list belong to Kaliningrad lines or Kaliningrad Region lines if they have additional prefix kike (251).

Alt-Koenigsbergbank236000, Kaliningrad,
Mira av., 49/51
Atlantbank45-16-32236006, Kaliningrad,
Pionerskaya st., 61
Baltika236039, Kaliningrad,
Orehovaya st., 7
Baltcoversebank236006, Kaliningrad,
Naberezhnaya Bagramiana st., 34a
236040, Kaliningrad,
Sommera st. 27
Baltvneshtorgbank47-27-01236040, Kaliningrad,
Bolnichnaya st. 5
BAM-Bank236013, Kaliningrad,
Kartasheva st., 94
Cherniahovsk-Bank47-22-33238100, Kaliningrad Region,
Cherniahovsk, Pionerskaya st.7
Embakoenigbank44-55-02236039, Kaliningrad,
Bagrationa st., 71
Energotransbank45-19-38236016, Kaliningrad,
Klinicheskaya st., 83a
Gurievsky(251)2-33-81238300, Kaliningrad Region,
Gurievsk Novaya st., 1
Gvardeyskbank(259)3-22-91238210, Kaliningrad Region,
Gvardeysk, Centralny Pereulok st.,, 2
Insterbank43-46-62238100, Kaliningrad Region,
Cherniahovsk, Kalinina st., 7
Investbank43-46-62236040, Kaliningrad,
Lenina av., 28
Karbo-Bank236009, Kaliningrad,
Gertsina st., 34a
Hopebank43-64-88236040, Kaliningrad,
Gvardeysky av., 15
Morskoy44-23-55236005, Kaliningrad,
Olhovaya st., 1
Neman(252)2-21-67238710, Kaliningrad Region,
Neman, Krasnoarmeyskaya st., 7
Nesterovsky238010, Kaliningrad Region,
Nesterov, Komsomolskaya st., 8
PCB Zapadno-Baltiysky236040, Kaliningrad,
Sergeeva st., 2
Rostvestbank236008, Kaliningrad,
Lermontova st., 7
Russko-Baltiysky Bank45-39-66236016, Kaliningrad,
9th of April st., 60
Setevoy Neftianoy Bank21-35-89236040, Kaliningrad,
Azovskaya st., 3
Stroyvestbank21-19-75236000, Kaliningrad,
Gendelya st., 3a
Yantar236040, Kaliningrad,
Podpolkovnika Ivannikova st., 15
Zemland238340, Kaliningrad Region,
Svelty, Gorkogo st., 16a

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