Internet service providers in former USSR

The presented list is not prtended to absolutelly full. More full list you will be able to find in Mark ITT Company.

In present times there are Internet servise providers in the following cities in Russia and in former Soviet Union Republics:

Almaty KazInformTelecom WWW Server
Asbest MarchCat! 3W Server
Barnaul Altai State University
Bishkek ElCat Communication Server
Kyrgyzstan Freenet Home Page
Chelabinsk SUrNet
Chernigov Chernihiv Technological Institute
Dimitrovgrad AO Sistemotehnika WWW
Dnepropetrovsk Apex Network Communication Center
Doneck Content of DCnet WWW
Dubna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Ekaterinburg Ural Relcom Ltd
Joint Venture Quorus ACS
Erevan Yerphi WWW
Gelendzhik Gelendzhik-Relcom Communication Node
Ivano-Frankovsk ElCom Corp. Web Home Page
Ivanovo ISPU, Ivanovo
Izhevsk Communication Company MARK-ITT
Irkutsk East Siberia Home Page
KazanKazan State University
Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) EType Web server
Kaunas Kaunas University of Technology
Kiev Global Ukraine Inc.
Welcome to Lucky Net Home Page
Welcome to CS/MONOLIT hypermedia Services
Kirov Telegraph Telephone Station of Vyatka
Krasnoyarsk Communication Network "KRASNET"
Khabarovsk Welcome to Redcom
Kharkov The ConCom WWW Home Page
Moscow Russia-On-Line: Cyrillic Choice
PC Center "TECHNO"
Cronyx Company
Moscow State University Main HTTP Server
ICE - Welcome page
"Relcom ON-LINE" direct users page
RosNet - The Russian Network-Data Comm. Company
Welcome to Demos WWW Server
Welcome to Sprint Russia
Synapse Science Center
SoftLine Corp.
WWW Jet Infosystems
Nizhniy Novgorod INFORIS Co.Ltd. WWW Server
Nikolaev Welcome to WWW-server in Nikolaev
Novgorod Novgorod State University
Novokuzneck WWW Server of Sviaz-Service
Novosibirsk CNIT WWW Server
Institute of Informatics System
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Municipal Bank
Îdessa WWW of Odessa State Polytechnic University
TeNeT Networkig Centre
Îryol F1 Communications
Penza 3W server TS WTC
Pereslavl Program Systems Institute
Perm Perm Web Server
Pskov Sinaps-Queen WWW Server
Puzchino Stack Web Server
Pyatigorsk YuzhEnergo
Riga Latvia OnLine, VERSIA Ltd.
LvNet-Teleport Information Services
Rostof on DonHomepage of ICOMM, Rostov-on-Don
ERTOS Centre
Rostov State University
Severodvinsk Welcome to Severodvinsk Technical Institute
Semipalatinsk RelcomSL Co. WWW server
Serpukhov Friends and Partners: Welcome
Simferopol Welcome to CRISNET
St.-Petersburg St.Petersburg Web Server
St.Peterburg University
DUX WWW Server
Welcome to PeterLink!
Surgut WWW-server "Processor"
Taganrog Taganrog WWW server
Tallin Baltic Computer Systems
Tallinn Technical University
Tambov Tambov State Technical University
Tartu EENet Estonia
Tbilisi Parlament of Georgia
Tolyatti InfoSystem WWW-server
LADEM Start Page
AdmKom WWW-server
ArAdm WWW-server
UzhgorodWelcome to TransNet Ltd.
Ulyanovsk SimTel 3W server
INFOCOM Centre WWW Server
Altos Home Page
Ufa BCESS WWW Server
Voronezh Invormsvjaz Chernozemje, Voronezh
Vyatka Telegraph Telephone Station of Vyatka
Orgland WWW server
Yaroslavl Yaroslavl Computer Networks
Yoshkar-Ola WWW server Mari El
Welcome to Lucky Net Home Page
Zelenograd WWW-server Elvis+

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