Balancing of Otterboards

The Program "Balancing of the Otterboards" has been produced to allow design and adjustment of otterboards while fishing. It enables the calculation of the equilibrium position of a bottom or pelagic otterboard in specific fishing conditions.


The Program is for use while fishing. It fulfills the following operations on board a fishing vessel:

The Program is also useful for design and construction of new otterboards. For these purposes it provides the following functions:


The Program "Balancing of Otterboards" calculates equilibrium position in a flow. Equilibrium position is determined by the angles of turn around the axes of coordinates, connected with the flow (an attack angle around the vertical axis, a trim angle around cross-axis and a heel angle around longitudinal axis). An equilibrium position is a position in which the sum of all moments of acting forces is equal to nil.

The following forces are taken into account in calculation:

The Program requires the following entry data:

The Program's output data is the following:


The Program has a friendly interface specifically for engineers. The instructions for entering data are supplied with drawings, explaining the character of the values to enter. The Program has a context-sensitive Help, giving a detailed description of a function underway and methods of work with Program.

Image 1: Dialogue of inputting the data. Side view.

Image 2: Visualization of a board's position in space.

Download the demo version of the program (1.2MB)
Demo includes Oval otterboard only. "Open", "Save" and "Print" items are disabled.


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