Trawl Rigging
Resistance Calculation

The Program provides the input of data on the headline, footrope and groundrope rigging and calculation of the forces generated by interaction of rigging parts with their environment (water, sea-bed).

Purpose and Area of Application

The Program provides calculation of hydrodynamic and ground-dynamic resistance of trawl rigging, the resultant lifting force for a headline and the resultant weight in water for a footrope or a groundrope.The Program can be used by fishing gear designers and manufacturers during creation of new trawls. The Program provides the following procedures in this case: The Program can be used while fishing. It is helpful for rigging tuning and rigging reconstruction if the trawl will be altered.FunctionsThe Program allows a user to enter and store the folowing data: The program generates drafts to reflect the entered data. The program helps to detect errors in the source data. The Lines are depicted as a chainline. The Program takes in account the following rigging units: The Program calculates following total forces: The Program generates the detailed log of the calculation.
Screen 1. Working with lines.

Screen 2. Entering data of ground's central section rigging units.

Upload Demo version of the program rig_demo.exe (250Kb).


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