Trakai town on the water
Tourists who are visiting as a rule visit Trakai the ancient capital town of Lithuania. This is the one of oldest Lithuanian towns place on unique ice plate landscape which appeared in first ten centuries of new era. In 1321 Great prince Gediminas build a castle and transferred the capital town to this place. But the geographical position of the castle was not enough safe and in 14th century prince Kestutis decided to build a new consolidated castle on half-island of Galve lake (New Trakai) and in 15th century the building of new island castle began which had became a residence for great Lithuanian princes. From 1323 Vilnius had become a capital again but Trakai remained to be an important economic and political center. It is considered that in 15th century in time when prince Vitautas a son of Gediminas was ruling Trakai obtained a Magdeburg charter which gave an additional privileges and municipal autonomy. In 16th century Trakai little by little had lost his political importance and gave it to Vilnius. Lack of trade routes gad brought Trakai to economic comedown and soon Trakai became a citation place.

Castle today (92kb)

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A Few words about how to get in to Trakai from Kaliningrad.


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