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Areas of Specialisation
Polish / Swedish / English Russian:
private and general business correspondence 
agreements, contracts 
information on the consumer goods 
household and office appliances 
medicine, biology, biochemistry 
instructions on cosmetics and pharmaceutical substances application 
programming including software localization 
linguistics, philology, manuals, textbooks 
tourism, advertising and representative materials
Russian / English Polish:
private and general business correspondence 
advertising and representative materials
Since 2002 - Swedish teacher for beginners;
2000-2002 - translator at a Swedish company developping software for industry and business;
1999-2000 - freelance translator of Swedish and English at a Swedish company;
1998-1999 - translator and interpreter of Polish in a Russian trading company and a Polish consulting company;
Since 1996 - Polish teacher at retraining courses and at high school, author of original learning materials;
1994-1999 - freelance translator of Polish, English and French at local translation agencies.
In the past - system programmer.
2000 - intensive brief course of new pedagogical techniques;
1997-1998 - course of Swedish according the program for emigrants;
1984 - Graduate School for neurophysiology at the Research Institute of Experimental Medicine (Leningrad), including the English examinations passed with A mark;
1979 - Department of Chemistry and Biology of the State University (Kaliningrad).
2002 - translation from Swedish into Russian of a book "Absolut Story" for a Swedish publishing house.
Since 1999 - translations from Swedish into English and from English into Swedish of documentation on software for industry and business, on marketing and promotion, translations of business correspondence, editing English texts for a Swedish company.
Since 1994 - translating and interpreting from and into Polish without subject limitations for Russian and Polish companies and clients; translating from English agreements, contracts, certificates and approvals, custom, ship’s, private and other documents as well as technical documentation of industrial, domestic and medical purposes, business and private correspondence; translating into English agreements, contracts, private documents, general technical documents, business and private correspondence; translating from French technical documentation of domestic purposes, business and private correspondence.
Basic Rates
0,03 € (euro) per 1 word (as the word processor would show); in other currencies - according to an arrangement.
The payment in advance implies the premium order.
Payment Options
Bank transfer into account or according to an arrangement. 
Note: Bank fee and other operating expences to be for account of the orderer.
Delivery Options

Source texts:
by hand 
e-mail (files in Acrobat Reader or MS Word formats)
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